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How To Chose the Best Pre Workout

When choosing the best pre workout it is important to look a few things. I will give a an idea of the things to watch out for and pay attention to when it comes to getting the best pre workout supplement you can.

The Company

Make sure the company you buy from is registered with the FDA. Registering with the FDA as a supplement company is required by law. If they are not registered with the FDA, I will not buy the pre workout supplement.


There are many ingredients you can use to make the best pre workout supplement you can. The first ingredient is protein, specifically hydrolyzed or pre-digested protein. Taken pre workout, pre-digested protein or hydrolyzed protein, usually found in the form of whey protein can be anabolic. Meaning it will put the body in a muscle building state. The only way to get into a muscle building state is to take steroid or consume high levels of protein.

The next ingredient I would look for in the best pre workout supplement would be nitrates. Inorganic nitrates have been proven to be very beneficial to help with exercise and training. Typically you can find nitrate in foods like spinach and other green leafy veggies, and beets. Drinking beet juice pre workout is one of the best things you can do.

What you do not want in your pre workout is caffeine or other stimulants. These stimulants like caffeine and DMAA cause a catabolic condition in the body. Most pre workouts that claim to be the best contain caffeine. Thus even though they contain caffeine they are not good to use.

In conclusion, to get the best pre workout supplement on the market. Look for ones that contain hydrolyzed protein, nitrates, and no caffeine. comes a great pre workout called Tectanic. It contains high levels of nitrates with a lab test.

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